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Article: On The Road With Clairvoyant Medium Bernie Scott.

By Sarah Sidorowicz 

On another link she asks if anyone had lost a child that had suffocated or chocked as she was getting the feeling of something being stuck in the throat, there was a lady in the audience who could take this....  To Read more Click the logo



 Bernie Scott's Harvest Moon Performance

Written by Journalist Christina Ruth on September 23rd 2010

The BAWA Club on Southmead Road in Bristol is the scene of a rare mediumship demonstration.  Popular Bristol Medium, Bernie Scott


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Jean jenkins (Medium and Runs a Spiritual Centre)

What a fantastic night Bernie so much evidence past on from spirit, you brought my brother through no mistaking who he was spot on made my sister in law a happy lady. Every single person said how good the evening was.
All I can say if you get an opportunity to see Bernie go she is fantastic. Xxx Medium Jean Jenkins

Ruth Callard-Rogers (Psychic Medium)

Such a lovely evening being treated to an audience with exceptional medium Bernie Scott at The Bear MarlBorough who excelled herself even further by not letting the local church bell ringers practice put her off her stride! Such startlingly clear evidence from spirit and personal messages, delivered with empathy and humour, as well as amazingly accurate life guidance for loved ones on the earth plane. Thank you to venue landlady Liz Oborne, all the great friends who attended and supported us but most of all to Bernie who's gentle and loving energy infused us all. Blessed Be...x March 10th  Psychic Ruth Callard-Rogers

Claudia Da Silva ( Award Winning Singer and Songwriter )

"Bernie's reading was like a warm ray of Sunlight on a very dark chapter of my life.The evidence of her reading was spot on. She delivers very well the message our spirits (family and guides) have to tell us at present time.Her grounded and friendly energy makes the reading very comfortable and a natural experience.She gives very practical advice and focus on the important aspects of our life's that truly needs healing, guidance and transformation.I regularly recommend Bernie to lot's people who cross my path because her help was precious to me in many ways and I believe she can help others in the same way and comforting them with the message from spirit."Peace & God Bless Claudia Da Silva  4th December 



 You are an absolute beauty , if ever there is a singular word invented for "absolutely naturally amazing" then in the dictionary it will quite simply say . "Bernie Scott" Many blessings and more your way .. Da daaa x♥

 Chris Stojkovski


Me & my family had a private reading with Bernie the other day. I have always been very sceptical on what to believe purely because I've Never experienced anything to make me believe. Well since our reading I am a solid believer. Our reading was the most amazing experience I've ever had. So many emotions in the room & it have me so much comfort to hear from our loved one! I never wanted it to end, i could feel our loved in the room & it was like they never went. Thank you so much Bernie. You are a very talented women who brings comfort & love the many people. ❤

Ann Weeks


Bernie your amazing, I had a private reading too, and it really was accurate. I waited over 10 years to find a good medium, and you were so worth the wait, once I had the reading done, it felt like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thanks Bernie xx Jade Stacey

I visited Bernie yesterday with a few sceptical members of my family it's safe to say we all left yesterday feeling comforted and uplifted. I recommend Bernie to anyone looking to go to a medium not only is she spot on with everything she says she's also compassionate and understanding. Bernie welcomed us into her home and we were treated like friends coming to visit.

I had seen Bernie's work once prior to my reading in an audience with others I witnessed other people receiving messages and saw first hand how happy they were so booked to visit as a family and was not disappointed.

We heard from many people in our time with Bernie and everyone cake away with something very special to keep in their memories

Thank you Bernie. Ella Palmer

The only person who has been able to get in touch with my Dad, Bernie is an amazing, lovely lady who has brought such comfort to my future, I can't recommend enough x Vikki Strange 

Wow, what can I say. Came to your Bath show tonight and Granddad came through (the first one of the night). Everything was 100% spot on. Absolutely fantastic evening, thank you so much xx Doreen Sibley 

Bernie is the best medium I know. She can have you laughing, crying and at peace all at the same time. Can't wait for her next show in my town.

Lizz Langdon


Nicki Jayne Burke 15 September ·

Saw Bernie again last night. Fantastic evening. She brought my mum forward. She said things that no one could have known .


She will bring you the proof of the continuation of life you desire,
to continue your journey in realisation, loving peace and happiness.
This meeting with Bernie was to change a big part of my life. I wanted to find out if there was anyone in spirit that would contact me. Well I was totally gobsmacked. I was determined not to give anything away about me to Bernie. (not looking in any direction and giving yes and no answers). When Bernie starting talking to me she described my step-father down to a T there was just no way on earth that she could have been given this information other than my step-father in spirit. Bernie even started singing a particular Rod Stewart song that my step-father used to sing with us when he took us down to Poole Harbour to his sailing boat, Yes you guessed it , I am sailing,. Bernie was totally amazing by the way she described this man as being a military strict disciplinarian. I don't think there was anything she said that was not the way he was. I still have the tape she did for me.
Bernie is one of those naturally warm people that I would trust implicitly. I
Paul and Tracey

Hi Bernie
I just want to thank you for the incredible clairvoyant reading last week. As you know had never been to a medium before, but had suddenly felt that I needed to see one and found your details on the internet.
You put me at ease straight away and the information and comfort you gave me was overwhelming. To know that my mum is now ok and free of the distressing illness she had prior to her passing is such a relief, as well as knowing she is still around us, watching over us and supporting us. For
that alone I cannot thank you enough.
Your descriptions of the family members that came through, particularly my mum were spot on. I played that part of the tape to my husband, who said it was exactly as he would have described her just before she passed. Also, the details about things that had happened over the past year especially, but also from years gone by were amazing. I have told lots of my family and friends about you and cannot stress enough to them how incredible your gift is. I know several are thinking about coming to see you.
Thank you again, Jeanette, x 25th July

I have seen many mediums over the years but when I came across Bernie Scott at a fair, I was blown away. My mother had recently died and in an attempt to feel closer to her I booked myself a reading. This reading was so accurate and a I felt so close to my Mum. This is such a comfort to me.
Thank you Bernie Tiggy 22nd July

Thank you so much for the readings you gave my husband and I - they were amazing! I have had several sittings with mediums over the years and yours was the first that gave indisputable proof that my much loved family members are definitely still around. Not only did you tell me a great deal about how my family had lived and passed individually, you got their hugely different personalities, even mannerisms, bang on every time. This was really striking during the reading. You also captured the different relationships I had with each of them - some close, some not so close in life. What really took me aback the most though was the evidence that they had been around since passing and in particular in the days prior to the reading. For example, you told me my grandfather knew I had written something down about him, I had written a poem! You knew I had the blanket my grandmother used to wrap around her legs and that I had put it in a drawer. I wrap the blanket around my own legs when working in my study at home and had indeed folded it and put it away just before leaving home! The detail was astonishing and at points really emotional. Also, hysterically funny as well..... You asked me why my family were laughing about nose hair. Although my husband won't thank me for this, about half way between Yorkshire and Bristol on route to our readings, I noticed my husband's needed a trim and told him so! Deb x
My wonderful Mum who brought me up on her own from the age of 4 died just over 5 years ago. She was always there for me in times of need and always knew what to do. Even though I have just turned 50, I still need my Mum and earlier this year I started to go through one of the worst phases of my life. I desperately needed to talk to my Mum and a dear friend bought me a session with Bernie as a birthday gift, and what a gift it was. I got to talk to my Mum through Bernie as well as my Aunt and Grandfather who both passed away many years before. I am a great believer and always have been so I didn't need convincing of that in any way, however Bernie was such a calm and gentle person the whole experience was truly wonderful. It was personal and it was real, it was sensitive but it was also driven with a need to get some clear messages over to me from my family.
The comfort and guidance I got from the time I spent with Bernie gave me has helped me so much through the months since my reading. I am still going through a terrible time but I hear the words clearly in my head which is giving me the strength to get through it. Julie  June 

Hi Bernie
Thank you very much for my telephone reading last week, the tape arrived at the weekend.
I can't believe how accurate you were about my family. The only way you would have known the things discussed is by talking to mom & dad. As you said they passed away within 6 months of one another & are at last together again after a wonderful 59 year marriage on this earth. There have been a lot of tears shed since mom passed last August & dad passing in February but listening to your tape makes me thankful of their love and your ability to bring it into my life again, especially as I've been feeling so alone.
You are a truly gifted medium & I will certainly phone you again at some time in the future for another consultation. Talking to my friends about you gives me great pleasure as you were acting for both my parents and I look forward to passing your number on to however many of my friends request it.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Janet ?

Dear Bernie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful reading you gave us. Life has been hard since the sudden death of our daughter 15 months ago. Your evidence reassured us that she is still around us and we will meet again one day. That love will never be lost. We have recommended you to others and they have also had fantastic readings. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!
Tina and Martin. (Somerset)

After my father passed away, I felt the overwhelming need to find out if he was alright, this was where Bernie came in, when we met I was initially nervous because it was my first ever reading, She gave me a special message from my dad, which for so long I never thought I would hear and that was that he loved me, have to admit that  it did make me cry, but they were tears of happiness not sadness.  She also told that he was alright, which was nice to hear, even though dad's not here any longer it did not stop me from worrying about him. The other really lovely, and unexpected thing was, that Bernie also brought through my nan, who passed away when I was a child, again the description was so accurate, my nan was a lovely person, who over the years have missed dearly, and still do. It is nice to know that my nan and my dad are watching over and looking after me. I would like to say that Bernie is a lovely lady and that if anyone is thinking of having a reading done, I would recommend her to anyone, as she has a very special gift, thank you Bernie you truly are a special person
love Wendy xxx

I just wanted to send you a quick email to sat thank you so much for the reading you gave me last week, a lot of the information given to me I wanted to check with my family as I was unsure of some of the details due to my age at the time, so I played the tape to my mother the next day, I asked her to give her objective view on what she was hearing, after a few minutes she started to smile and then cry I asked her why she was crying and she told me that everything she was hearing was completely true but not the side of the family I had first thought of, which made me feel a little uneasy as when this person passed there were some bad feeling between us, whilst the tape was playing my father came home and over heard, he's a non believer until now! His grandfather, father and mother were all mention in connection with things I knew nothing about and items that I had never seen he's not totally converted but he did agree with everything said.                                                               Emma   Xxx?


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