The aim of these fabulous workshops are to help you with your spiritual development at all levels from the enquiring mind to those already spiritually aware.


There are a variety of courses and workshops covering all aspects of mediumship, so you are sure to find something that you are drawn to. In fact, you are reading this now and that is because you were meant to, you were inspired to for one reason or another.

The doors are open to everybody, please feel free to come along to any of the events, you are most welcome.

Some workshops are for all levels whether you are a beginner or established. There is something there for everyone.

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Beginners Mediumship

Saturday 20th July  10-4pm


This will be a day of looking at ways to work with and understand

 the Power of the Spirit within.

We will look at techniques to attune and blend with the spirit world.

Deepen your awareness of spirit around us, and recognise

the presence of guides and helpers from the Spirit World. 



We will be looking at ways to open our awareness to receive

information from Spirit through Clairvoyance,

Clairaudience and Clairsentience on the intuitive level.



This workshop will be a very concentrated day,

suitable for those who are willing to work and stretch themselves,

those at the beginning of their development and those more

confident with their link with spirit.


 Come along to this workshop to help with your progression.



Refreshments provided - Please bring packed lunch


Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre

Wapley Stables

Wapley Hill Westerleigh

Bristol.  BS37 8RJ



07940716001 / 01454 321583

Trance Weekend

Saturday 26th- Sunday 27th October 

Spend a weekend with me at Parsonage Side Retreat and come back feeling refreshed. This is an Amazing place for your spiritual enhancement.

Be prepared to work hard and have a fun filled weekend.


Working with your communicators in the spirit world to help you advance in areas where perhaps you are less confident. We will be working towards bringing you closer together with practical exercises giving you and your team amble time to communicate.

This weekend will help give you confidence and trust. 

We will also be looking at overshadowing and some cabinet work as well as looking at Physical Mediumship and trance healing.

A very light hearted weekend with plenty of practical exercises to help with your mediumship 

We will also touch on healing and all things inspirational.


All levels welcome to this magical union where your guides take a step closer.


Trance Mediumship

Friday 8th November



This workshop will give you a deeper insight into the inspiration

that comes to you each and every day.


Experience sitting in the energy of the cabinet


It will help with all aspects of your  spiritual development and growth.

It will be a day of enlightenment and will encourage

you to use the techniques  in all areas of your life.


The workshop will include.

Transfiguration and discovery work

The merging of two worlds and the levels of Knowing

If you Are you developing the gift of Trance Mediumship and would

like to develop it further this is the workshop for you.


Trance states can enhance the development of mental mediumship.

Enabling you to become a better instrument for spirit    


Refreshments provided - Please bring packed lunch 

Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre

Wapley Stables

Wapley Hill Westerleigh

Bristol.  BS37 8RJ



07940716001 / 01454 321583

Retreat In The Sun 2020

Sunday 19th- 25th April 2020


Come join me for this Spiritual Holiday .

All Aspects Of Mediumship. 

A place to relax and enhance the gifts that you naturally have. Meditate around the pool. BBQ, take in the sun and get that all important Vitamin D that the sun radiates, which so many of us are lacking. 

You will have time to explore Malaga and surrounding areas but not forgetting the important purpose, the WORKSHOPS. 


Not far from the sea and restaurants It’s a spiritual break that you have been waiting for. Time to take time for you instead of you always taking care of others needs. Enjoy a couple of glasses of Vino as you relax in the evening. 


Based on a minimal price, this holiday is for you and your personal spiritual growth and the one thing which is so precious TIME, time to please yourself. Everything is optional.

I’m doing this because my partner won’t travel abroad and I’m in need of some sun. I was inspired spiritually to do this, to enjoy what I love doing and to spend time with like minded people. I would love you to join me, the time is yours to do what you will,. You can either join me in the workshops all of them or choose.


All aspects of mediumship from Beginners upwards.


Spain... 4 Nights in the sun Only £430.


A Non Refundable Deposit £100.00

Or Standing Order to pay monthly


The price covers Bed, Breakfast, lunch and a evening BBQ and naturally tuition fees. 

Payment by Bacs or Credit/Debit Card

Please email or call 01454 613885 for enquiries or to book. I’ll only be too happy to answer your questions if you are interested.


The all important workshops cover

Mental Mediumship … Enhancing your Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

Inspirational writing and speaking

Sitting in the power

Healing in an altered State

and much more… 


This spiritual holiday retreat is going to be a very casual approach, however the workshops are of a highly spiritual nature and will be taken seriously with your personal development in mind.


Restaurants and bars by the sea are very reasonable. 

The start time is not fixed in stone you can arrive earlier or later depending on flights.

Only 4 spaces left

Please Call Bernie 01454 613885 or 0781 8665230 for more details.

Or contact via email

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