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Harvest Moon Performance

Bernie & Watchet

Written by Journalist Christina Ruth on September 23rd 2010


September 23, 2010, the BAWA Club on Southmead Road in Bristol is the scene of a rare mediumship demonstration.  


Popular Bristol Medium, Bernie Scott takes to the stage in the crowded room to give messages from the other side and prove there really is 'Life after Death'.  

The atmosphere in the room is one of optimistic expectancy tinged with a small dose of skepticism.  Popular tunes from the amplifiers, the buzz of talk and laughter, some of it nervous, combined with the shuffling of chairs heightens the 'vibration' of the room.  More than 150 people have come to see Bernie, many hoping for a message.

Bernie arrives on stage to spirited applause and spends the rest of the evening speaking to the spirits who come to connect with their loved ones in the audience.  Bernie?s sense of humour, some of it unintentional is received with glee by everyone.  At one point she refers to the 'Leaning Tower of Pizza' and when one of the message recipients says she sneezes a lot, Bernie innocently commiserates saying 'Oh, bless you'.


During another reading Bernie has a 'staffie' between her legs, a 3 legged Jack Russell racing around the room and a 'lazy' white bird on her finger who refuses to fly away. 

Everyone who receives a message also receives a red rose and soon there are red roses, accompanied by smiles dotted around the room.

Organizer Fiona Farquhar of 'Beyond the Horizons' is a 'huge Bernie fan' and was pleased at the success of the evening. 'A great atmosphere, lots of laughing, Bernie is fantastic.' 


To make more of an event of it Fiona has shops selling jewellery, stones, tarot cards, make-up, creams and cleansing remedies lining both sides of the room.  


She has arranged the evening with the intention of, 'Getting Bernie out there to the masses really because Bernie is fantastic.  The more people who get to know about her the better because I know what she can do and I've seen the effect she has on people.'


Kevin Mulholland arrived a skeptic but went home a believer.  He said Bernie's message was 100% accurate. 'It means the world, to actually know that my mate is still there, my Nan is with me all the time, even though they are not here on the earth plane, I still got them in spirit.'  Kevin didn't really want to get a message because he was afraid of what to expect but by the end of the evening he was 'buzzing, as happy as hell' and declared he was coming back to see Bernie again.


Emma Edwards borrowed a crystal from her mother to bring with her and commented that the crystal was so powerful that she would probably get a message from 'little green men'.  During her reading, Bernie asks her if she speaks to little green men. 


She said, 'Bernie did a very special sitting for me once.  I lost my partner and she was the first person I went to see and it was the best sitting I've ever had.'

Emma's mother Letty Edwards said, 'I don't mind if I don't get a message,  I just love to hear other people's messages, so if you get one it's a bonus. 

Bernie is just as good as any of the UK top mediums out there today, she just doesn't realise it.'


Fellow Medium Mike Davies also received a message.  He said, ?We are giving evidence all the time, it's nice to get something back' In summing up Bernie Scott, Mike said, 'Very professional, a nice worker for the spirit world.'


Believers and skeptics alike will have to agree that whether Bernie can really connect to the world of spirit or not, she is very entertaining and lifts the spirits of everyone she meets.

Bernie & Watchet rose
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