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Bernie Scott Spiritual Medium

Amongst The Few Of The UK's Top Psychic Mediums

Explore the extraordinary gifts of Bernie Scott, one of the UK's well known Mediums.  From a young age, her innate ability to communicate with the spirit world, set her on a captivating journey of spiritual discovery.


With a reputation that travels nationwide, Bernie's unique gift continues to captivate her audiences. Her heartfelt connection, combined with uncanny specificity in her messages, brings comfort and validation to those seeking guidance. Step into Bernie Scott's enchanting world,  leaving you comforted that love lives on...

Bernie is recommended for her messages by one of the UK's Top Mediums

Steven Holbrook and has shared an evening with TV Personality and rebound medium Tony Stockwell


Countless individuals have been profoundly touched by Bernie Scott's extraordinary abilities as a medium. With astonishing accuracy and an undeniable connection to the spirit world, Bernie consistently provides uncanny validations and messages from departed loved ones, leaving sceptics turned believers. Her profound insights and unwavering gift bring solace, comfort, and a sense of peace to all who seek her guidance. 


"Fantastic evening and she has a true gift. "Sandra

"We were blown away! Bernie’s messages from spirit were completely accurate and so much detail. I found her personality uplifting and a pleasure to watch, she is not working with ego but love from spirit. I will definitely be watching for her to come back to Cornwall .... a wonderful evening" Lisa

"Such a down to earth and warm person; Bernie really makes you feel she is just passing a message from a loved one in the room next door. I have had messages which are uncannily spot on. An utterly uplifting and heartwarming experience; I can’t recommend this lady enough!" Gill

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