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A Hearty Welcome

From an early age, I have been blessed with the gift of being a natural born medium. This innate ability has allowed me to not only connect with the souls of those in the other world but also to embrace the unseen spirits that guide us throughout our lives.

My journey has been enriched by the profound experiences of reuniting individuals with their departed loved ones, bringing closure to unresolved emotions and nurturing a sense of peace.

Working as a full time medium for over 25 years, walking hand in hand with Spirit and being embraced by the world of mediumship from a young age, my foundation has been strengthened by the teachings of my own spiritual mentors who have guided my evolution. It is a privilege to demonstrate the profound relationship with the spirit world and to assist others in their spiritual development.

 As we embark on this shared path, I invite you to explore the interconnectedness of our souls and the evolving abilities we possess to communicate with both our inner selves and the spirits around us. Together, let us forge ahead with anticipation of the spiritual discoveries that await us, knowing that we are never alone and always surrounded by love and forgiveness. I look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you.

Bernie On Tour

Mediumship Evenings

Countless individuals have been profoundly touched by Bernie Scott's extraordinary abilities as a medium. With astonishing accuracy and an undeniable connection to the spirit world, Bernie consistently provides uncanny validations and messages from departed loved ones, leaving sceptics turned believers. Her profound insights and unwavering gift bring solace, comfort, and a sense of peace to all who seek her guidance. 

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Come and join me on one of my retreats. We always have a wonderful time. Here surrounded by nature, we connect and grow.


Workshops, a wonderful way to explore your potential. whatever level you are at.


A Night Full Of Love And Another One To Remember.

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