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Distinguishing Between a Medium and a Psychic Reading

Understanding what to anticipate from a Spiritual Medium is pivotal when seeking spiritual guidance.


Mediums possess a unique gift—the capacity to tap into the spirit world and convey messages from beyond. Their profound connection with their spirit team enables them to collaborate closely with guides and helpers, facilitating the communication process. This bond is honed through meditation and slow, deliberate development, as they are, essentially, conduits for relaying messages.


Messages channelled from the spirit world are rooted in the purest intentions—to bring forth love, comfort, healing, and reassurance to individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their faith. During a reading, a competent medium is adept at providing detailed descriptions of the communicator, substantiated by EVIDENCE—crucial to the essence of the communication.


It is paramount that the medium furnishes evidence of the communicator's past, their presence around you, as well as descriptions and circumstances of their passing. These elements form the bedrock of a meaningful reading. It is important to note that medium sittings, rather than being focused on fortune-telling, are experimental in nature, aimed at providing evidence of survival beyond the physical realm.


On the other hand, working as a psychic entails making predictions and perceiving past and present events by attuning to the energy of a person or object, thereby obtaining information intuitively.


Crucially, all mediums possess psychic abilities, but not all psychics are mediums. The primary goal of a medium revolves around demonstrating the continuity of the human soul after death and offering solace to the bereaved.


It is crucial to acknowledge that any attempt to communicate with the Spirit is experimental, and consequently, results can never be guaranteed.

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